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If you currently have a Belgian Laekenois which is not yet registered with the FSS, please register your Laeken with the links provided below.  If you need any assistance in this matter, please contact ABLA President, Kelly Goodman,

FSS Program

FSS Registration Form

ABLA Members websites::

Casa Mont'Alves
Sheila Walker's Belgians 


ABLA does not recommend any particular
kennel or breedings.  Websites listed are
for information purposes.

::  Casa Mont’Alves :: How I Got My First
    Laekenois Puppy
:: Wandrlyn Belgians

Casa Mont’Alves is a small family house in Oeiras, just outside Lisbon on the coast of Portugal. We dedicate ourselves to the laekenois because it is an extremely intelligent and owner oriented breed. The fact that they have an unique appearance that is not very popular is just so appealing that we welcome this breed in our house.

More on Casa Mont'Alves... 


Check back for an article by
Diane Koontz Bresee
on how Diane purchased her first Laekenois Puppy.

For more pictures of Trooper click here...

Coming soon....

Lynnette Gandl
Wandrylyn Belgians
Baldwin, WI